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                                     to our website.  Our aim is to convey the pride and honor we feel for our beloved 149th Pennsylvania Bucktails!  We hope you enjoy reading through the website as much as seeing a splendid sunrise over Gettysburg’s McPherson's Ridge in early July!


We are the 149th Pennsylvania Bucktails Volunteer Infantry Regiment, a non-profit reenactment unit representing the original 149th PVI. We are based primarily out of the mid-state, Eastern half, and Northern Tier of Pennsylvania, concentrating around the Gettysburg-Harrisburg region and the general Catawissa/Bloomsburg area. We are a proud member of the First Regiment, Federal Volunteer Brigade.


Our unit is, first and foremost, dedicated to memorializing the actions of the men and women who lived and died during the American Civil War, especially the 149th PA Bucktails.


We are committed to educating the general public on the history of the Civil War era through battlefield reenactments, living history events, parades, and other events that portray the life and times of soldiers and civilians alike.


Our unit was formed in 2004 by a group of Civil War enthusiasts. Our current day 149th PA Bucktail group's infancy began as an educational organization. The group was involved in first person impressions of civilians, soldiers, and medical surgeons.


In 2010, the group joined the Federal Volunteer Brigade (FVB) and began its journey into the reenactment world. It wasn't long until the 149th PA Bucktails became one of the most respected units in reenacting.


While we take what we do seriously, we have a lot of fun doing it.  We are family-oriented having members ranging from 5 to 65 years old and beyond!  In addition to attending many reenactment events and educational activities throughout the year, we have after-event get-togethers, unit dinners, a Christmas party, educational group tours, cookouts, as well as other fun adventures.


Today, we still hold true to our educational roots and also have a strong core of reenactors!  HUZZAH!


If you are interested in an educational presentation, have questions, or wish to join as a member, please contact us!

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